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According to Merriam-Webster: Intervention:

the act of interfering with the outcome or course especially of a condition or process (as to prevent harm or improve functioning)

an occurrence in which a person with a problem (such as a drug addiction) is confronted by a group (as of friends or family members) whose purpose is to compel the person to acknowledge and deal with the problem

Our team of professionals understand that staging an intervention for your loved one can be a difficult decision to make. We want all of our clients to understand that this intervention is not just for the wellbeing of the individual, it is also for the wellbeing of you and everyone in your loved one’s life.

At AR Intervention, we are committed to providing you and your loved ones with the support needed to confront the addiction with a plan customized to address the needs of your loved one. AR Intervention provides support from the initial intervention to long-term care options.

What is Love First Intervention?

Our team at AR Intervention is trained and certified in the Love First Intervention method. Using this specific method gives our intervention professionals an ordered timeline from assessment to training to rehearsal to intervention. This method of intervention is divided into 3 separate modules:

Module One: Assessment and Training

During the first module we will hold a multi-hour conference. At this time we will train loved ones on the fundamentals of a Love First intervention. The interventionist will take this time to put together the history from all of the participants. They will use this information to develop a comprehensive assessment and develop a strategy for the actual intervention. 

This module is used to solidify the intervention team and allow participants to build confidence in the intervention  process. During module one, loved ones will receive training on writing their intervention letters based on the process from the Love First book. Family members will also receive guidance on writing bottom line letters. 

The interventionist will also plan for any objections that may arise during the intervention. We will work with the family to put together appropriate answers to any of the objections raised by the person suffering. Our team will also prepare treatment recommendations and reach out to our network of treatment providers.

Module Two: Rehearsal and Preparation

During module two, our team is focused on fine-tuning all of the details. At AR Intervention, we understand that planning and preparation are essential for a successful intervention. 

Module two is a rehearsal meeting. At this time loved ones will read through their intervention letters and make any changes based on the recommendations of our specialists. The intervention specialist will ensure that all loved ones are clear on their letters and their responses to any objections. 

Our team will also clarify any pre-admission details based on the treatment course loved ones have chosen. We will also prepare any responses to worst-case scenarios such as refusal or walk-outs. The rehearsal process typically occurs the day before the actual intervention. 

Module Three: Intervention Day

Our intervention team will lead participants through every move of intervention day. During module three we will start with a pre-meeting before the intervention starts. This serves as a time to go over any last minute concerns or changes. 

The intervention specialist will then lead all participants through the process. They will start the process with the addicted person and then facilitate the reading of intervention letters by participants. Our team will take the lead on answering any objections raised during the intervention. We help all participants focus on the love and compassion they have towards their loved one. 

Generally Love First interventions have a 85-90% success rate, in terms of getting the person to agree to treatment on intervention day. The AR Intervention team will be there every step. We will provide support through the travel to treatment and help work through any lingering issues. Our team will also provide the treatment center with any synopsis or notes from the intervention process.

Alcohol Intervention

One of the most common types of interventions we perform are for Alcohol Use Disorder.

Drug Intervention

At AR Intervention, we understand how difficult it can be to watch your loved one struggle through drug abuse.

Mental Health Intervention

In times of crisis, the person experiencing a mental health disorder might be in immediate danger. They might pose a threat to themselves and/or others. Common signs that a person requires immediate intervention is suicidal thoughts or increased unmanagibility in day-to-day life.

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Regardless of the type of intervention services you are seeking, our team is ready to provide a highly structured, comprehensive intervention approach. We pride ourselves on designing interventions that help families start the journey towards healing. Whether you or a loved one are suffering, we are here to support you. 

Our approach is aimed at helping clients and their families understand the impact that their condition has on their lives. We are committed to ensuring that everyone in our care receives the support and compassion needed to make changes in their lives. 

If you are in need of counseling services, our team of professionals is ready to provide a safe, supportive environment to help you address your substance use or mental health disorder. At AR Intervention, we are committed to ensuring you receive the care and support to begin your recovery journey. We understand that recovery may seem impossible at times. However, there is always hope for a brighter future free of addiction. Our counselors are ready to listen, provide support, and answer any questions you may have. Start your journey with us today!