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Marijuana Intervention

Marijuana goes by many different names, including pot, weed, kind, smoke, and sense. Marijuana can be smoked or ingested, and a recent trend involves soaking marijuana in embalming fluid before smoking. While marijuana may not be as physically and psychologically harmful as many other drugs, consuming this drug in this manner creates effects that are similar to smoking PCP.

Because marijuana continues to be decriminalized and legalized in certain states including Illinois, staging a marijuana intervention can present a unique challenge because the individual abusing this drug feels they have justification for its use given its increasing societal acceptance, much like alcohol.

Because marijuana does not have a high degree of withdrawal compared to drugs like heroin or cocaine, and because marijuana abuse has a less severe personal and societal impact, marijuana interventions are not as common as other intervention types. One of the most important things to keep in mind while considering whether or not a marijuana intervention is necessary is to ask yourself, “do they continue to use despite negative impact in their personal lives or the lives of others?” If the answer is yes, then an intervention is likely necessary. It is also important to remember that in terms of recovery, marijuana addiction is less about the substance being abused and more about identifying and addressing the underlying reasons why marijuana is being abused in the first place.

If there is someone in your life who is struggling with marijuana abuse, an intervention may be the very thing they need to realize the extent of their addiction and seek the support they need to break the cycle. If you or someone you know requires an intervention, contact our office today at (312) 625-0024. Our intervention counselors are ready to listen, provide support, and answer any questions you have.

Marijuana Intervention Early Stages

Marijuana interventions are most commonly conducted for younger individuals in their teens or early adulthood who began experimenting with marijuana and have developed an unhealthy relationship with the drug. Because marijuana has often been referred to as a gateway drug that leads to abuse of harder, more dangerous substances, marijuana interventions are commonly performed not just to stop the individual from using marijuana, but to prevent them from becoming involved with more dangerous drugs over time.

To help support you in your efforts to make this intervention, our intervention counselors will educate you and your loved one on drug addiction, steps you can take to avoid enabling your loved one’s behavior, and how to practice tough love when it comes to your relationship with your loved one and their use of the drug.

Marijuana Intervention Late Stages

Marijuana interventions for individuals who have used marijuana for years are much less common and are generally much more difficult to perform, especially if marijuana is the only drug that is being abused (including alcohol). Because the abuser can point to the “non-addictive nature” of the drug and how much safer marijuana is compared to harder drugs, it will take a concerted effort on the members of the intervention to make a compelling case for how their use of marijuana is negatively affecting their loved ones life and the lives of those around them. If these negative things can be directly linked to your loved one’s use of marijuana, then staging an intervention may be your best to let them truly understand your concern for their habit and willingness to provide them the support they need to break their cycle of addiction.

What to Expect During the Marijuana Intervention

One of the most important things to understand about providing intervention support is that every intervention differs, contingent on a variety of factors, including severity of addiction, current relationship(s) with those involved in the intervention, and perhaps most importantly, the individual’s willingness to make a change.

Although every intervention is different, most interventions involve a 2-3-day process where we educate, empower, and help change the dynamics within a family to create an environment that is conducive to healing and change.  First the clinically trained interventionist speaks with the concerned party to gather information.  After initial call, should both parties agree to move forward a customized intervention plan will develop, including but not limited to: who should be involved, where and when the intervention should occur.

Time will be dedicated to prepare the family for the intervention, providing education on the predictable, progressive, chronic disease of addiction. We will also discuss how to practice setting clear boundaries, to support your loved one – though no longer support the addiction.

If the intervention is successful and the addict agrees to accept treatment, they will be transported to the predetermined treatment center as soon as possible. If your loved one refuses to seek treatment, those involved will have no choice but to accept their refusal, and follow through on boundaries established during the intervention process.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

A marijuana  intervention is not simply about helping your loved one stop smoking or ingesting, it is about helping them identify and address the underlying reason(s) why they have developed tolerance and then a dependence in the first place, and then provide them with the tools and support needed to make a change. Whether you are struggling with addiction or seeking guidance and support for someone you know, we are committed to providing you and your loved one with the care and support you need. For additional information about support for overcoming marijuana addiction, please contact us today at (312) 625-0024. Help is just a phone call away.


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Regardless of the type of intervention services you are seeking, our team is ready to provide a highly structured, comprehensive intervention approach. We pride ourselves on designing interventions that help families start the journey towards healing. Whether you or a loved one are suffering, we are here to support you. 

Our approach is aimed at helping clients and their families understand the impact that their condition has on their lives. We are committed to ensuring that everyone in our care receives the support and compassion needed to make changes in their lives. 

If you are in need of counseling services, our team of professionals is ready to provide a safe, supportive environment to help you address your substance use or mental health disorder. At AR Intervention, we are committed to ensuring you receive the care and support to begin your recovery journey. We understand that recovery may seem impossible at times. However, there is always hope for a brighter future free of addiction. Our counselors are ready to listen, provide support, and answer any questions you may have. Start your journey with us today!